AltIntegrated Commissioning & Qualification, Corp. supplies personnel to clients in the life science industry. Our services range from providing highly competent commissioning and qualification engineers to also providing exceptional project management services while focusing on the interest of our clients and the industry. We concentrate on executing commissioning activities (pre-functional checks and functional checks) in alignment with the clients qualification activities (IQ, OQ and PQ/PV) such that we are able to leverage many aspects of those activities. This process not only saves time and money for the client but provides a seamless transition throughout the whole life cycle. Furthermore we work with the clients to accurately assess the system and components within those systems which provides a firm foundation of assessment of changes for ongoing operations. You can see that this approach not only helps our clients during start up phases but helps outline a more systematic and efficient process for managing change throughout the life of the process.


We will engineer better solutions by providing services directly to our clients or by helping to bring people together. This will provide support to our clients and industry that will eliminate redundancy of verification, and develop programs that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency from start up throughout the life cycle of a facility.


Our vision is to become the central focal point in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical device industry where dedication to our client needs and industry support are paramount.

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