altIntegrated Commissioning & Qualification, Corp. provides services related to the development, implementation and execution of various programs. Regardless of your current project phase (Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, Basis of Design, Detailed Engineering, Construction, Start up, Commissioning and Qualification) we concentrate on the job at hand while focusing on the impact and alignment related to ongoing operations. For example: a solid approach to system and component impact assessments not only outline the requirements of Commissioning and Qualification but can also aid ongoing operational programs like calibration, maintenance, change control assessment and associated levels of qualification for both mechanical and automated disciplines.

  • Conceptual Design

    1. Project Specifications
    2.  Construction Change Management
    3.  Mechanical Completion and Turn Over Definitions      
  • Design Phase (Basis of Design and Detailed Design)

    1. System Impact Assessments
    2. System Boundaries Definition
    3. ETOP Development
  • Detailed Engineering

    1. Component Impact Assessments
    2. Engineering Change Management
    3. Calibration Program
    4. System Boundary Definition
    5. Program Planning / Project management
      1. Signature Matrix Development
      2. Process Mapping Development
      3. Metrics / Milestones Development
      4. RASCI (Responsibility, Accountability, Support, Consult, Inform) Diagramming
    6. Schedule Logic Development (integrated)
  • Construction

    1. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
    2. Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
    3. Receipt Verification (RV) / Installation (IV)
  • Start Up

    1. Commissioning Master Plans
    2. Qualification Master Plans
  • Commissioning & Qualification

    1. Pre-Function Checks (PFC)
    2. Functional Checks (FC)
    3. Installation Qualification (IQ)
    4. Operational Qualification (OQ)
    5. Performance Qualification (CIP PQ, SIP PQ)
    6. Process Validation (PV)
  • Ongoing Operations

    1. Validation Maintenance / Requalification
    2. Change Control Assessments
    3. Continuous Improvement Programs

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